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12 Architects Create Furniture

12 Architects

This brand presents developments of famous Russian and international architecture teams on creation of furniture for offices of executives.

The following famous Russian and Italian masters participate in this project: Totan Kuzaembaev (Totan Kuzaembaev Architectural Workshop), Sergey Tchoban and Sergey Kuznetsov (SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov, Nicholas Barsan (ST Design)), Eugene Polyantsev (MERAL-STUDIO), Vladimir Kuzmin (Pole-design studio design group), Boris Levyant and Irina Prisedsky (ABD architects), Luca Scacchetti, Marco Piva (Studio Marco Piva, a founder of Atelier Design desing bureau), Francesco Morena (MORENA ARCHITECTS).



For the recent 10 years the Lepota factory of design furniture has been producing functional and impressive items.

The factory is specialized in non-standard and individual solutions for office interiors implementing all audacious and original ideas of architects and customers on a turnkey basis. The key feature of the collection is minimalism and high quality.

Recently the factory produces the LAVORO collection of standard operational furniture.



This is a joint Serbia-Italy project in which specifics of Italian culture are combined with international practice to satisfy the customer’s exquisite taste.

Along this project the partners contribute to development of a product range and its promotion through international supply chain.

The company founder, Fernando Della Valentina, has more than 50 years of experience in production of furniture in Italy.

Research and design development have seat in the corporate office located in Treviso, Italy, and draw on expertise and experience of the Italian management of the company. Production is located in Belgrade, Serbia. The furniture is produced from high-quality materials and fittings. Collections of operational furniture and offices for executives meet all the requirements in terms of functionality, economical and technical efficiency, aesthetics and flexibility.

According to the existing agreement between the Russian Federation and Serbia, the goods are delivered free of Russian customs duties. So, the European quality products become even cheaper for the end user.



The Archiutti company was established in the late 1950s as a small family workshop in Veneto, Italy. But very soon due to business instinct of its founder, Tullio Archiutti, it turned into a dynamic and diversified company producing special office furniture. In the early 1960s a factory block was built in Olmi (the province of Treviso) which area at the moment is 23,000 sq. m. New ideas led to development of new products and expansion of office furniture production. By the end of the 1970s Archiutti became a master of office furniture continuously working on improvement of shipment procedure and achieving complete automation of production.

In the 1980s they started producing offices for executives from natural wood. In the 1990s the factory proactively implemented production of furniture from laminate and at the same started production of partitions – a new product for combination of office furniture of various kinds. Product range extension in the Archiutti collections led to growth of its organizational structure and technological growth.

At the moment the product range of the Archiutti company includes variety of offices for executives and high-tech desks for call centers, mobile partitions and special equipment for conference halls, banks and state corporations. Every stage is processed with the same accuracy as if it was that old family workshop, with the attention paid to every detail. The highest quality of the products is supported with ISO 9001:2000 certification.



A story of Bralco brand is closely relating to the history of the furniture itself. This company was established, developed locally and grown to the current scale in the Veneto industrial region where the perfect Italian furniture finds its roots. In 2014 Bralco opened its new production line and a head office in Susegana (the province of Treviso). Now Bralco offers interior solutions and concepts meeting all the standards in respect of 17 special collections of office furniture.

For the production process Bralco applies only the most actual technologies and up-to-date equipment. Due to this fact it is capable to produce stylish, high-quality and multifunctional office furniture.

The Bralco company pays a lot of attention to research revealing the clients’ needs and implements the newest trends of the furniture market. The factory collections Metar, Rail, Ubievo were created by the famous architect duo of Perin & Topan. All the items produced by Bralco are under strong quality check and testing at any stage of production subject to final quality inspection. All the Bralco items are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) certified to meet international standards. Every finished product is tested by CATAS, a competent certification institute, to check compliance with European and international standards.



The Fantoni Spa company was introduced to the timber manufacturing industry in 1882 when a businessman Achille Fantoni established his small furniture workshop which further, in 40 years, turned into a firm production plant due to energy and talent of its founder.

Shortly before its 100th anniversary, in 1974 the Fantoni company presented its unique collection of office furniture, Multipli, created by the architect Gino Valle in 1968 and being one of the remarkable design creations of the world, at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). Another landmark was the year 1979 when the other 8 companies joined Fantoni to establish Fantoni Group uniting creation of modern materials, development of unique architectural and design solutions. Now everything is in its place: from energy production to development of new materials, from ergonomics research to well-balanced design, from production of synthetic polymers to promotion of processing, and this range is continuously upgraded to reach the goal consistently pursued by the company: people, their health and comfort. That is exactly why Fantoni is a successful international power.

In 1998 Fantoni Spa was honored with the award for development, Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera (in Italian it means “The Golden Compass”). This is the oldest and the most prestigious award launched in 1954 by Gio Ponti and granted for the best design.

In 1996 Fantoni Group established the Research Center that was a place for research, experience and productive exchange of ideas. It earned great reputation in the world of furniture and design. The famous architects such as Mario Broggi and Michael Burckhardt took part in its organization. The Research Center was step by step reorganized into a manufacturing unit and an institution providing professional training and education, seminars, business meetings and conferences for famous and fledgling architects and designers coming here from all corners of the world; this is a cultural center where new trends in planning and production are discussed, studied and developed.



The LAS Mobili factory of office furniture located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast was established in 1976 by Giulio Pedicone who has been still permanently leading the company. Having good business instinct, Mr. Giulio Pedicone propelled the LAS company to the top of office furniture manufacturers of Italy. At the moment this plant is the largest furniture production located on the territory of Italy. Production facilities of LAS occupy the area of 121,000 sq. m. The products and a brand name of the company are known in more than 76 countries all over the world.

LAS Mobili is the only furniture manufacturer of Italy realizing the complete production cycle, including all components.

The factory LAS Mobili has earned a prestigious Excellence certificate in respect of quality, environmental management and safety.

Combination of functionality and aesthetics in LAS Mobili products is resulting from long-lasting cooperation between the factory and famous international architects and designers, such as Claudio Bellini, Nicholas Cacamis, Lorenzo Negrello (Studio S. I. Design) and others.



The Luxy Spa company established in 1976 as a small outsource chair manufacturer in one of the key industrial regions of Europe, Lonigo in North Eastern Italy (the province of Vicenza), now is a powerful and dynamic company producing ergonomic design arm-chairs and sofas. Cooperation with such famous Italian designers as Massimiliano & Doriana Fuksas, Stefano Getzel, Luca Bressan, Gianantonio Perin, Favaretto & Partners, combined with the company’s great attitude towards research, experience and innovations resulted in a good number of patents obtained by the company in the fields of design and ergonomics. The company products symbolize “Made in Italy” quality and are exported to more than 40 countries.

The Luxy products are covered with a five-year warranty, and every item indicates the date, year and week of production and the testing code as well. Sofas and arm-chairs are assembled only manually, after that they are tested and inspected in terms of quality standards.

The quality of the Luxy products and overall production processes of the company are supported with several certificates which are subject to regular check and renewal. First of all, they include UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality management systems) and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 (environmental management systems) certificates. Luxy invests a lot into research to improve ergonomics. Excellent properties of the products made by the company are supported with ERGOCERT certificate that is issued by the European ergonomics certifying body.



The SitLand company was the first Italian company opening production of office chairs and chairs for publicly accessible areas in 1977.

Development of new models is ensured by the R&D department which, according to numerous researches and experiments, at all times can find optimal solutions to equip offices and offer maximal functionality without scarifying a remarkable design.

The SitLand company is an essential participant at the world’s largest furniture fairs held in the USA, Italy, China, Japan and other countries. Its products are always known for their high functionality, reliability, original design and quality of international standard.

SitLand was repeatedly granted national and international design awards due to the best product design combined with functionality and ergonomics. The Milan Polytechnic has chosen the Sit & Move collection to present it at the most prestigious exhibitions of Europe, Asia and North America.



The Ultom company was established in 1982 by the Tombolan family who desired to introduce solutions and ideas accumulated after long experience gained in the home furniture world, to the sector of office furniture. The Italian tradition of masterly carpentry and the secrets of workmanship have been passed on from father to son, and after the third generation coming to the business a little craftsman’s workshop already grew into a large-scale production occupying a space of 15,000 sq. m. in Cittadella (the province of Padua).

The Ultom office furniture provides a harmonious composition of ergonomics, functionality and exclusive design. A lot of attention during creation of furniture collections is paid to a scale of colors, because it has an effect on the productivity of employees surrounded by Ultom furniture. To create its collections, Ultom engages the best Italian designers and architects, namely, Lorenzo Marcolina, Antonio Zambusi, Enzo Berti. Traditional manual processing of wood is combined with up-to-date computer-assisted technology and equipment. The experts choose materials very carefully paying special attention to their quality and origin. The Ultom company concerns about environment using only non-toxic paints and lacquers. Some items are made from recyclable materials. The production is ISO 9001 certified.

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