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One of the most responsible and pleasing missions is a procedure of selection of furniture for the office of the executive. At this stage the most important thing is consideration of desires of the executive and selection of must-haves.

Sets of furniture for executives may include a desk, an office chair, a file cabinet, a couple of chairs for visitors, a sofa, a coffee table, a stack and storage modules.

Furniture for the office for the executive can be chosen from any styles subject to preferences and existing interior design: classics, high-tech or fusion. As an option, you can complement the general office design or play with contrasts. Herewith the office for the executive must work excellent for its main functions to serve as a comfortable working place and a negotiation zone at the same.

NAYADA’s catalogue includes 10 collections; you can choose one of the standard solutions or place an individual order.

Desks and chairs for executives are made from premium quality materials which include natural oak, tempered glass, genuine leather, veneer sheets of exotic species of wood, chrome-finished metal parts.

As an option, solid wood can be toned, and glass elements can be made matt-finished or plate-finished. We will help you decide which colors and materials will work well together. Many variances of palettes allow creation of unique furniture for executives to supplement their office ideally.

Proven suppliers from Russia and Europe guarantee high quality of the materials and fittings used. You can be sure that the furniture for offices for executives will wear well and will permanently attract attention of visitors.

You can download the catalogue or make yourself aware of 3D models of the furniture for offices for executives to view the materials and all the details of interest.

We consider every project on a case-by-case basis. You can buy the furniture for the office for the executive right now. To do so, you can contact our managers or send a request using the product page. We will contact you promptly to calculate the cost of your order and a production period.