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Catalog Executive furniture ARCHE COLLECTION
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Production: Bralco
Country: Italy
Price category: VIP


- Chip board 18 or 38 mm thick covered by veneer. Option: benchtops 38 mm thick can be designed with build in inserts made of leather or glass painted in black. 

- Chip board 18 mm or 38 mm thick decorated with leather with contrasting stitching over the benchtop’s sectors. Central insert in the benchtop can be ton-sur-ton or contrastive.

- Hardened glass 12 mm thick with rounded edges painted on the back side in white or black color..


Supports of the tables are O-shaped and made of solid wood.

Frames of the cabinets and side file cabinets are made of laminated chip board 18 mm thick decorated in glossy black.

Fronts of the cabinets and side file cabinets can have the following design options:

- Chip board 18 mm thick covered by veneer or regenerated leather 1,4 mm thick decorated with contrasting stitching all over the perimeter; another option can be the high-gloss polyurethane varnish finishing with an edge made of solid wood;

- Hardened glass 4 mm thick in the extruded aluminum frame.

Veneer colors: wenge or American walnut.

Colors of painted surfaces: white, light-grey, grey-beige, dark-grey or mocha.

Glass colors: white or black.

Lether colors: sand, cognac, dark-grey, brown, black.


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