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Catalog Executive furniture JERA COLLECTION
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Production: LAS
Country: Italy
Price category: Business


Thickness is 90 mm. These benchtops present the frames covered by medium density fiberboard panales 18 mm thick. Panels are covered by the film with 3D wood grain effect .

Benchtops‘ colors: GREYELM 12, BALIWALNUT 30, BROWNASH 52.

Supports and front panel of the table have a thickness of 90 mm and made of chip board panels upholstered with eco-leather and decorated with linear stitching.

Colors:ANTHRACITE 232 и GREY 237.

Collection comprises high cabinets hidden by the decorated panels, wall drawers as well as the cabinets with traditional structure.

In the first case a large front panel 54 mm thick covered by 3D effect film in colors: GREYELM 12, BALIWALNUT 30, BROWNASH 52 covers a cabinet frame (in colors: ANTHRACITE 55 and STONEGREY 44), with open shelves in the upper part and blind door (or door and drawers) – in the lower part.

Configuration includes build-in profiles with LED lighting fixture controlled by the movement sensors.

Wall drawers consist of wall drawers as they are and vertical panel.

Vertical panel with total thickness of 90 mm is upholstered with eco-leather in ANTHRACITE 232 and GREY 237 colors.

Drawers are fixed by the hidden fastening system) to the wall and vertical panel.

Frame, shelves and doors of the drawers have a thickness of 18 mm. Frame and shelves are performed in ANTHRACITE 55 and STONEGREY 44 colors.

Doors are covered by 3D effect film in GREYELM 12, BALIWALNUT 30, BROWNASH 52 colors.


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