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Catalog Executive furniture TAIKO COLLECTION
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Production: Ultom
Country: Italy
Price category: VIP

Benchtops 56 mm thick are covered by veneer of coated with glossy varnish. Central part of the table has an inserted leather piece in the following colors: light-grey, light-brown, dark-brown, black.

Front panel can have 4 design options: made of horizontal strips of board (solid wood) toned in dark-brown or black colors; of natural leather with “Capitone” stitching; of interchanging veneer stripes of 2 contrasting colors; of separate rectangular plates painter in 5 colors and covered by glossy varnish

Frames of the cabinets are made of medium density fiberboard 18 mm thick decorated by matt varnish. Top has a thickness of 56 mm is covered with veneer or coated by glossy varnish.

Doors can be fabricated using horizontal stripes of board (solid wood) toned in dark-brown or black colors; covered with veneer; coated by glossy varnish.


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