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Catalog Executive furniture GEMSTONE PROJECT
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Production: Nayada
Country: Russia
Price category: Business

Work desk appears as a main GEMSTONE product. The main concept of this desk is the harmony of design and nature. Chosen shapes are changing in the space coming from the desk foot which looks like a cliff with an uneven surface to the polished plain of the desk.

Benchtop and sidewall of the desk are covered by olive ash veneer. Desk supports and side file cabinet are made of medium density fiberboard which has a special metalized surface.  

GEMSTONE Project expresses a contrast between soft smooth to the touch surface – like wood, and solid elements – as, for instance, the drawers which have a shining metal color tone typical for natural minerals.

The process of pulling out of the drawers, each of its own shape, creates a dynamic effect and shimmering due to the multiple surrounding objects mirrored in their surface. Hence the name of the Collection – “GEMSTONE” — coming out of the extraordinary geometrical forms.  


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