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Production: Nayada
Country: Russia
Price category: Business

«While developing these articles of the furniture for head officers’ rooms I was committed to my own principles in architecture: functional but simple forms, interconnection between structure and weight, material and surface. TOUCH is the center of the system based on strong space, esthetic and social relations. Following to NAYADA innovative conception, collection Следуя TOUCH creates a work space which comprises the esthetic aspects of the project as well: careful usage of materials, recycling, reduction of power consumption, and effectiveness of work» — said Marco Piva about the Collection.

Collection consists of the head officer’s desk and credenza.

Frame of furniture is made of medium density fiberboard. Benchtop is covered by Makassar veneer in high gloss and natural leather. The decoration also includes the finishing material made of copper derivatives. Desk drawers are equipped with guiding closers. Desk has a sliding panel to access the sockets.


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