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Catalog Executive furniture VICTORIYA PROJECT
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Production: Nayada
Country: Russia
Price category: VIP

Collection presents a composition which consists of the rack and two tables – a head officer’desk and a table for negotiations. Tables are fabricated from glued lamellas made of American walnut solid wood and acryl. Supports of the tables are V-shaped.

Tables are built using exclusive fixing system which allows an equal load distribution over the surface. Table drawers are pushed-opened. Table can be equipped with inner lighting fixture.

Rack has a zig-zag configuration and presents a self-supporting structure made of medium density fiberboard panels 12 mm thick with fine pitch. Panels are covered by American walnut veneer and coated with polyurethane matt varnish.

Shelves of the rack are designed for storage of magazines, books, etc. enabling the airiness of the structure. Cabinet has two drawers and 3 swing doors, all of them are push-opened.


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