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It is important to provide comfortable employment terms in the office. Suitable furniture for working places and meeting rooms may help maintain employees’ good health.

NAYADAdesignershavedevelopedchairsforemployees, executivesandvisitors. Thecatalogueincludes 9 collections.

Small leather arm-chairs and simple chairs are usually a good choice for meeting rooms.

Castor office chairs will suit a working place for the support staff. A high back and arm rests will support a correct posture and wear-resistant materials will wear well. Adjustable seat will allow a comfortable height and reduce load on a spine.

A perfect office chair for the executive is presentable but not unhandy, it is made from high-quality genuine leather. You can choose a bright one or another with perforated décor to fit light-color interiors. Production of made-to-measure non-standard chairs is also available.

Furniture for reception areas and offices for executives must meet other requirements: seats shall be stylish but not extravagant. Chairs for visitors work better if they are moderately soft and not too large.

Leading designers and architects develop unique chair designs and proven suppliers choose high-quality materials and fittings.

Our own production with modern facilities allows execution of orders within short terms. We control all the stages of furniture production, from designing to installation, and guarantee that the products are of high quality.

You can make yourself aware of 3D models of office chairs and download catalogues in PDF format using our website. If you have any questions, please, fill in a feedback form.

Consult with us by telephone, or order a callback to request our professionals reaching you.

To buy furniture, send a request in respect of the specific collection using the product page and we will contact you promptly to calculate the cost of your order. In addition to purchase of an office chair, you can also order a design project for your office and request for our help in arrangement of operational furniture.