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Production: Sitland

Seat and backseat of the comfortable shape — cold cast PU foam filling “Comfort Air” of the high density in the plastic scratch-resistant frame. Colors of plastic – black, grey. Upholstery of the seat– fabric/net (11 options of net colors), 19 color options for replaceable slipcover .

Backseat is made of polyamide and upholstered either with net (of 2 types) or with special purpose-designed fabric with increased wear resistance.

Armrests have the cover pieces made of soft polyurethane Soft Touch. There are the following options: 2D-armrests adjusting on the height and width, black color of the plastic; 4D-armrests adjusting on the height, width, depth and slope angle. Colors of the plastic – black, grey.

Crossbar has a diameter Ø 700 mm and made of either black/grey plastic (nylon) or cast polished aluminum.

The collection offers 6 types of castors with Ø 50 mm or 65 mm for different kinds of the flooring including the type with the chrome finishing.


- gas-lift units to adjust the height of the seat and ensure the shock abortion;

- Synchronic mechanism, 4 positions of the backseat on different angles, spring tension adjustment for the weight of the sitting person, seat adjustment on the height, seat adjustment on the depth.

- Height adjustable lower back support apart from everything else gives an opportunity of personalization – add a name plate. Colors of the plastic – black, grey.

- Synchro-mechanism: mechanism which keeps the back and seat under the right angle, changing the angle slope of the whole seat. Backseat and seat constantly follow the movement of the body ensuring the right position. Counter force is adjusted depending on the weight of the seating person.

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