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Small, functional tables of the refined design



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Necessary attribute of any office interior is a coffee table. It will always be relevant in the reception area of the кhead officer’s office.

Coffee tables in the interior

This article of the interior fulfills different functions:

 - Practical: on the table one can store different things, over the table it is possible to offer tea or coffee to the company’s guests, it is comfortable to sit down with a laptop or documents;

 - This is a wonderful element of décor;

 - By means of the coffee table it is possible to make the arrangement of the space, divide it into zones;

Original coffee tables from NAYADA Company will match any style of interior:

 - loft and minimal art require to have a simple lean coffee table;

 - Classic style will support an elegant table, possibly with carved elements;

 - designer solid wood coffee tables with typical patterns and carving will fit the interiors in country style or ethno;

 - vintage style requires to have artificially aged furniture which is also available for the order in NAYADA.

Coffee tables from NAYADA

It is possible to buy a coffee table in the internet shop contacting our company, NAYADA catalogues offer the most refined models: you will find the beautiful office coffee tables in collections of the reception area’s furnitureи furniture for the head officer’s room.

NAYADA designers and architects bring to your notice the décor elements of different shapes. For furniture production we use only high quality materials: solid wood or laminated chip board, plastic, metal, glass, fabric and leatherпрекрасныеэлементыдекораразныхформ.

Upon a client’s request NAYADA specialists can manufacture an individual project – create a coffee table which matches exactly your interior and has some extra functions:

 - The Table can be expanded;

 - Can serve as a module for a bigger table assembly;

 - can be mobile due to the castors;

 - can have sliding drawers and extra compartments.

Price is estimated for each concrete case upon the request of the client.


NAYADA small coffee table for the office has a number of advantages:

 - Original design (our furniture is developed in participation of the leading designers including Italian experts);

 - Compact dimensions (our coffee tables will easily fit the interior of any room and will not look awkwardly);

 - Comfort and ergonomics (each element of the coffee table is well thought out in terms of its comfort for an employee);

 - Possibility if custom manufacturing (we will turn to reality any of your ideas).

On our web-page you have an opportunity to view in detail our 3D-models of the small coffee-tables (custom made) as well as to download the catalogues in PDF format. As extra services – there is an opportunity to order a design project of the office, request assistance for the furniture arrangement and so on.

You can have a consultation over the phone and using the contact forms on the right side («Ask a question», «Call back»).