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Production: Bralco
Country: Italy

The UBI cabinet system offers a wide range of shapes and sizes to solve all storage matters in the office and equip desk decks which are integrated with special technical modules providing for arrangement of power and data cables.

Ease of installation and flexibility are key properties featured by the UBI cabinet modules, as during exploitation the combinations can be adjusted where necessary.

Materials: laminated chipboards or tinted MDF. Body panels are connected at a 45° angle.

Module depth – 40 cm, useful depth – 36 cm. The modules can be lined horizontally or vertically and connected to each other with the use of junction plates.

Some modules are shipped assembled with doors, drawers, etc.


Construction features:

Separate modules can be installed onto so called podiums. We offer podiums made from 38 mm thick laminated chipboards with a length of 80 to 240 cm standing on fixed or roller support legs.

We also produce frame podiums from aluminum beams tinted with white epoxy powder coating. Such configuration was designed to allow mounting of the chromized metal wire basket under the podium to arrange power and data cables.

The modules can also be installed onto desk table tops. They have been designed to be compatible with Glider collections.


They can be equipped with:

- sliding doors made from 4 mm thick methacrylate with anodized aluminum guides;

- swinging doors made from 18 mm thick laminated or tinted chipboards (with a lock);

- aluminum color plastic scroll doors (with a lock);

- drawers for filing; the drawer facades are made from laminated or tinted chipboards and feature a central lock.



- laminated chipboards: natural oak, wenge, canaletto walnut, white, grey, grey/beige;

- tinted chipboards: aluminum, white, black, bordeaux, aquamarine, sand, titan, grey/beige, sky blue, green moss, light green;

- methacrylate: grey, green, orange, blue.


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