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Catalog Operative furniture LAVORO-MEETING COLLECTION
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Production: Nayada
Country: Russia
Price category: Budget

Ergonomic tables LAVORO-Meeting are optimal choice for modern negotiation areas, conference halls and lecture rooms where mobility, variability and convenience are most essential. Modular tables can be effectively adapted in the rooms of any king, fitting into the requirements to these spaces and their purposes.

LAVORO-Meeting for successful negotiations.

Easy to use: 30 seconds are enough for installation and adjustment of the table. 4 casters are equipped with locking elements and enable the movement simplicity.

Safe operation: convenient handles to control the folding mechanism. Benchtop is locked in the working and fold position.

Fast assembly: collection is furnished with plates to join two tables together.

LAVORO-Meeting for large-scale conferences and meetings.

Simple installation: frame forming beam with two plates ensure the stiffness of structure and rotation of the benchtop.

Storage optimization: space saving. Just three meters of the office space are enough to store 15 tables in the fold position.

LAVORO-MEETING for training centers.

Modularity: Easy and fast way to join the required number of tables together to make a desired configuration.

Collection offers variety of finishing options: supports can be performed in three alternate designs (black, white, aluminum), and decoration of the benchtops corresponds to the options offered by Lavoro 3.0 Collection (walnut, acacia, light-toned oak, grey, white).


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