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Projects New Microsoft office in Moscow
Jan 2016
A new technology centre Microsoft in Moscow — is a stage for presentation of new products and technologies, for lectures and trainings, for testing of advanced solutions Microsoft. Design was made by architect bureau UNK project, architect Nikolay Milovidov.

In 2010 company NAYADA concluded a framework agreement with a global leader in the sphere of software, IT services and solutions- the Microsoft company. Quality of projects offered by NAYADA company prompted to choose NAYADA as a supplier of products for design of the office for all Microsoft branches in Russia.

In a new center there are many «standard» work places, while the others are for the participants of trainings and presentations. Trainings shall be held in two roomy classes, divided by a movable partition NAYADA-Hufcor, and for demonstration of IT-novelties and presentations there is a specially equipped hall. Soundproofing level of flexible partitions is 42 dB.

Company wanted interior of technology center to be simple and comfortable. That is why all colors are very muted, white color prevails. Not least, because it is always associated with high technologies. The space is animated due to interior solutions.

«Conceptual core» of the entrance area is a glass «exhibitory» server room, designed with fire-resistant partitions NAYADA-Fireproof.

«In entrance area we wanted to make a the space that won’t be dull, the one that would dig you into the world of advanced technologies at once, — as Nikolay Milovidov tells, — the office space is visually divided into two separate functional parts: educational and presentational. Reception zone becomes an interlink».

Beside the reception area there is a demo server room with uncommon grass inclined walls, where a visitor can observe directly the «work» of Microsoft technologies. A complex creative task – to mount the fire-resistant partitions angle wise– was successfully implemented by the specialists of NAYADA. Server room is equipped with a color LED illumination.

There are several conference rooms in the center for holding the meetings in standard format. The conference rooms are equipped with glass partitions and doors NAYADA-Intero. Except for the aesthetic characteristics of the Intero constructions they were also chosen due to the soundproofing level of 46 dB. Some cabinets are decorated with photo printings depicting the old Moscow.

In the small conference rooms there are glass doors and partitions NAYADA-Twin with double glazing and enhanced soundproofing level, and all-glass doors and partitions NAYADA-Crystal with matting picture.

NAYADA designed door units installed straight into the doorway in the center cabinets. Fire-resistant door panels are made of a natural butter nut veneer. Soundproofing level is 36 dB.

Aiming to emphasize a specific character of technology center, architects managed to create a modern and effective space for presentations and trainings for Microsoft.


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