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Projects Office of Alcohol Siberian Group
Jan 2016

Partitions and doors NAYADA became a part of a new office of «Alcohol Siberian Group», a Russian producer of alcoholic products that located on the 30th floor of Tower «Empire» (Moscow International Business Center «Moscow-City). Project designers are the architects from UNK project. The office with a total square of 2 740 square meters is planned to admit over 120 employees of Moscow representative office of the company and is supposed to become a comfortable modern ground for effective work of the employees.

The principal aim of the customer was creation of a light and open office with spots for informal communication. Priority was given to the natural materials in interior decoration, that is why the architects used for finishing stone, wood in the form of veneer and solid decorative panels, rubber coating with chips of genuine stones.

There is a large open space in the office, it is located in parallel with the block of conference roomsand executive offices. All-glass partitions and doors NAYADA-Crystal with matting pictures styled in a general concept of Siberian nature zone the work space. Location of the work places became an interesting peculiarity – executive offices, decorated with glass partitions are located in front of the work places of employees. This way heads of departments can always control their subordinates during the work day.

Behind positioning of the products of Alcohol Siberian Group is the nature of Siberia, its purity, environmental friendliness and a complete naturality. That is why Siberian motives are traced in all office interior elements, for example, in color palette of office decoration consisting of grey, blue, aquamarine and green colors.

Nature images are used in interior decorations – the pictures of forest, lakes, meadows, which shows the concept of the company’s brands. Also there were used bright colors in the office to designate the conference and copying zones in a pretty calm color solutions in the interior this solution was also convenient for navigation of the employees.

To achieve a good acoustics there were mounted special acoustic panels in the work zone and there were used felted wallpapers in the conference rooms. In the main conference room there was mounted the system of movable partitions NAYADA-Hufcor, that enabled to transform the room into two separate conference rooms, or create a big common hall for the large meetings. We used fabric for finishing of partition to enhance an acoustic comfort of the room.  




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