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Projects S.T.I. Dent
Feb 2013
Municipal buildings

NAYADA works: reception desks, conference tables, closets, doors, partitions, walls and ceilings siding. Office of S. T. I. Dent became the ground for realization of innovative ideas and  turning into reality the non-standard solutions. The main materials used for implementation of this project were carbon, veneer and glass. They were used for decoration of doors, walls and ceilings. Also there was manufactured the furniture and reception desk with veneer elements.

Executive furniture and furniture for employees was customized for this project at the factory of designed furniture Lepota. According to the sketch provided by the customer on the factory floor of NAYADA company there were made conference tables, illuminated panel closets, they became an additional element of interior decoration. Using of carbon for siding of interior design items became an interesting solution. Carbon fiber is a rare material for the furniture industry, for the first time it was used by NAYADA company for decoration of office interior. In this project, the dark fiber material became an original edging for reception desk made in a circular arc shape. Light veneer- the main material for the desk became bright and a metal insertion effect that appeared owing to carbon introduced some high-end gloss.