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Projects Office of the company I.T.I
Apr 2016
The main design decisions and furniture elements were manufactured on the factory floor of NAYADA and the factory of designed furniture LEPOTA. Architect of the project – Mikhail Petrov.

Brands: NAYADA, Lepota


Reception zone was meant to be made the most functional. Hostess stand consists of two combined constructions.

One of the peculiarities of this project – natural flecks in interior. Being in the office you get a feeling that space is «shining». At the development of dimensional, compositional and color solutions we used contrast between griliato ceiling the white walls, also there are relief offsets on the ceilings. An idea of the architect can be especially traced in decoration of the main conference zone. Griliato technique on the ceiling is successfully combined with rack decorative elements on the walls. In the center there is a massive oval table, on its surface there are the glares from the suspended lamps.

NAYADA designed the most interesting part of the office: executive office. The spacious office with the square of 55 square meters consists of three zones: working area, waiting and recreational area, and the conference zone.  

Choice of materials and details of interior required a scrupulous approach. Implementing of the complex decoration elements and the look of the walls, ceiling and furniture became possible owing to the system NAYADA-Regina.

Specialists from the company NAYADA designed the rack frame of the ceiling above an executive desk and also the rack decoration of the ceiling and wall elements. Smooth ochroleucous colors “hazelnut-cappuccino” of the materials that have been used introduced the warmth into interior design.

Furniture solutions, including executive table were developed and manufactured at the factory of designed LEPOTA.

The main task of arrangement of the conference zone– the largest possible quantity of the seats. For this purpose there was manufactured the 3 meters long table for 10 seats on the factory floor of LEPOTA company. The complex suspension lighting system for the table became the finishing touch.

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