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Projects NAYADA for office of Yandex company
Feb 2016
NAYADA took part in creation of interior of a new office for the company Yandex. It is the third project made by NAYADA for the Russian IT-company only in Moscow. Project designers from «Atrium» workshop managed to preserve a recognizable style of already existing buildings, they combined in-home atmosphere of Yandex office and innovative spirit of the company

Partitions and doors made by NAYADA are mounted in the work locations, conference rooms and executive offices on all five floors of the office. At the bottom of the planning concept there was a distribution of the blocks with the conference rooms, cloak rooms, kitchens, bathrooms in the recess of the building, and the work places were located along the perimeter of light. An emphasized navigation element became a novelty. Every floor has its own color, as a result any employee could set a meeting with a colleague naming only the floor color, and the kitchen or conference room could be named by their finishing peculiarities.

In the conference rooms the architects involved the glass partitions having complex trapezoidal shapes. This solution was performed via the cubicle system NAYADA-Standart.

The unusual rounded windows in the conference rooms also became an interesting solution.

«Working on the shapes of the color blocks was very interesting — we discovered many curious combinations that required comprehensive engineering definition, for example, embedding of the rounded windows into a curved surface. It was also important to make an environment drifting, possible to look through, due to this need all the required functional partitions were made using all-glass partition systems made by NAYADA-Crystal» — as Tatiana Matvienko, chief architect of the project, comments.

Ecological subject plays a prominent role in building interiors: there were used different kinds of finishing made of wood and other natural materials, there is a plenty of plants, even the solid living walls. Eco-theme is in balance with the modern variants of finishing, like glass.

Peculiarity of a new office is the high ceilings that is why the partitions were almost 4 meters high. The customer wanted to use this height at most to provide lightness and transparency of the room. Also it was very important to provide a soundproofing level required for work. To solve this task the specialists from NAYADA used the system of all-glass partitions made by NAYADA-Crystal with thickness of the glass 12 mm and special interglass connectors that provided a necessary stiffness level. Also there was mounted a transparent polycarbonate molding, which provided the necessary soundproofing level.

For this project NAYADA manufactured and mounted about a hundred doors. Many doors were equipped with automatic door bottom seal to improve the soundproofing level, also they were equipped with access control system.

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